Clinical Care  

Practicing doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can enhance their patient care with a background and credential in aging.


Administrators and leaders with an expertise in aging will bring valuable knowledge and insight to their organizations. 


Expertise in aging opens doors to some of the most cutting-edge research happening right now.

Public Health  

Aging populations face many unique vulnerabilities that are most effectively addressed at a community health level. 

Biomedical Engineering & Technology 

Leveraging and designing technologies to support aging individuals and communities can open new career paths while improving older adults’ quality of life. 


Professionals with the skills to communicate across diverse groups can help their organizations build new collaborations in aging. 


Older adults have distinct needs, and businesses will need to respond accordingly to adapt to the aging world and serve their evolving markets.

Law & Policy 

Professionals with an understanding of the legal and ethical issues of aging contribute to caring for older adult populations and supporting healthy aging.

Social Work

Gerontological social workers help older adults cope with the psychological, emotional, social and financial aspects of aging.


“As a paramedic, the majority of my patient population is geriatric. I think that having advanced training in aging would help me better serve my patient population.” -Undergraduate Emergency Medical Services Junior, The University of Arizona

Demonstrate Your Value

Professional Certification

Leverage the opportunity to receive professional certification through the world-recognized National Association of Professional Gerontologists (NAPG). Innovations in Aging programs are in alignment with the Association of Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) Competencies and will provide you experience necessary to do so. 

Telling Your Story 

Each individual educational experience and career is unique, and so is your story. Throughout Innovations in Aging programs, you’ll learn how to effectively articulate the importance of bringing an aging perspective to the workplace, and how aging professionals meaningfully contribute to a wide variety of industries. This messaging will help you build a powerful narrative around where you have come from and where you plan to go with a specialty in aging.